How one call changed Lisbeth’s life

One ten minute phone call transformed the life of Lisbeth Darsh, and placed her at the heart of the CrossFit Community where she has been busy raising the bar for the past four years.

The caller was Greg Glassman and he was asking Lisbeth to join the CrossFit HQ team. Wow! How many of us would love a call like that?

Lisbeth told me, “After a few months of doing absolutely anything anyone at CrossFit would let me do, Greg asked me to join the Affiliate Support Team. I was on that team for two years before bringing us into Social Media and joining the Media Team. Now, I do a variety of things for us, but I still help the Affiliate Team whenever they need me. My heart will always be deep with the affiliates – that was my first role, as an affiliate myself. I understand their problems, their joys, and their frustrations.”

Prior to joining the CrossFit team Lisbeth, who is 47, was teaching writing at a community college and running her own CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Watertown, after being a reporter and a U.S. Air Force officer.

Lisbeth’s job involves a lot of travel, including visiting a number of places she might never have seen. “This year was a busy year for me: I visited Australia, Denmark, and a half a dozen states.”

She travels as much as CrossFit needs her to, but as a single mother she finds she sometimes has to slow things down, she says “I think it was Jackie Onassis who said something like ‘If you screw up raising your kids, it doesn’t matter what else you’ve done in life.”

However she is grateful that her two sons (15 and 12) understand how important CrossFit is to her. “They’re really wonderful kids. Sometimes, I wonder how they’re younger than me but more mature than I am.”

Lisbeth has a great attitude when it comes to overcoming obstacles and facing new challenges, she said; “I hardly ever think of things as obstacles. They’re challenges – and almost everything in life can be overcome  (or at least met) with intelligence and perseverance and love. That’s stupid and sappy, but it’s also true. What’s that old spiritual lyric? “Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.” That’s it in a nutshell. Don’t need anything – it’s all right inside.”

As the CrossFit community has grown Lisbeth’s role has evolved, “I don’t have to post daily now, there is a staff of writers and editors to really shine a great spotlight on the many, amazing  stories out there in the CrossFit world. I serve more as a conduit and an editor: I ferry story ideas from the community to the staff, and I guess I offer some affiliate and CrossFit perspective. I’ve been around for a bit, so I’ve learned a few things! Plus, I direct our social media efforts, so I help to ensure that spotlight shines far and wide.”

Lisbeth trains at CrossFit West Santa Cruz four days a week, but on Saturday’s she trains alone at the CrossFit Media Gym and in between sets she writes! On Sundays, if she isn’t resting with her family, she likes to either go mountain or road biking.

Lisbeth is comfortable doing anything involves the barbell and not so happy with gymnastics, which she recognises is where she needs to focus her training. Her main CrossFit ambition is to improve her double unders, “like I’m reciting the alphabet or counting numbers. No cares, no stress, no thought. Just BAM! 100 in a row! Once I get those, I’ll move to a new obsession. This could be a while …”

Outside of CrossFit Lisbeth tries not to take things to seriously, “My kids really try to keep me on track. They take turns watching me in stores. “Keep an eye on Mom or she’ll get distracted by bright, shiny objects and we’ll have no one to drive us home.”

Lisbeth has been influenced by many people, “I couldn’t pinpoint one person, although my mom and Greg Glassman certainly have helped shape my heart and my mind! My kids keep me real, CrossFit keeps me strong.”

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